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If you believe you are suffering from some kind of extraordinary demonic phenomenon, you should get in touch with the bishop's office of the diocese you belong to. They will put you in contact with the specialist in this matter for the diocese, or they will indicate the nearest specialist in a neighboring diocese.

Services for diocesan offices: if a bishop's office (anywhere in the world) needs to know who is the nearest exorcist officially appointed by his bishop, write to:

Rvdo. José Antonio Fortea
Parroquia Ntra. Sra. de Zulema
28 819 Villalbilla

Since the identity of the exorcists in some cases is kept in secret by their bishops, the letter that you send have to be sealed by the diocesan office from where the letter originates.

For other types of consultation: If for any reason you wish to write to the parish address given above, you may do so. You may also call:

630 52 31 51
699 72 19 76
this numbers are in Spain

But it must remain clear that it is impossible by telephone to ascertain if a person is possessed or not. These cases must approach their own bishop's office. The same must be said for letters. They all will be read, but, given that it is not possible to know if what the letters relate has its cause in a mental sickness or in the devil, the letters will not be answered.

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